Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE SMALL CHOPS! So you know I was super excited to learn how to make samosas and spring rolls. I couldn't wait till they were done to have a bite of the yummy-ness. This recipe is great for all you creatives and accommodates everyone's preferences. Besides the method for … Continue reading Samosas


I Made A Cake For A Client!

The title says it all! Here are some photos of the cake I made for a client, a chocolate lover. This three-layer cake has one classic vanilla cake, one yellow cake, and a double chocolate cake. Between each layer is a melted caramel and milk chocolate filling (yummy!). Finally, it is coated with a real … Continue reading I Made A Cake For A Client!

Cous-Cous Recipe

Ingredients 150g giant couscous 1/4 onion bulb, chopped 1 medium tomato, chopped 200g of (lean) beef, chopped 15 "strands" of fine beans, chopped (optional) Spices: salt,  knorr cubes, 1 tablespoon each of ginger powder, ground scotch bonnets, garlic powder. Vegetable oil Directions Pan-sear the chopped beef and onions with oil. Add spices to taste. Pour in … Continue reading Cous-Cous Recipe