I Reinvented Goat Meat Pepper Soup

Am I the only one that craves random things from home? The other day, I was craving garden eggs. Of all things though?

Another major craving was for goat meat. It was so deep that I ordered it online from an African store in London, John and Biola Foods. After it arrived, I split into portions because I wanted to save some for pepper soup. The first time I cooked it (which happened to be the first time I ever cooked goat meat), it took forever and a day to get soft. I went on winter break but I was low-key anticipating going back to school to eat the second portion of goat meat lol. I’m not crazy, I promise.

So so, after I got back and settled in, I made goat meat pepper soup. Thing is, I didn’t have any yams to thicken it… Luckily, I had some Irish potatoes, so I used that. I wasn’t too sure if the potatoes would work just like the yams, but, take it from me, it did!

FAM, that pepper soup was EVERYTHING!!! I couldn’t stop eating it once I started. Shout out to my Aunty for bringing the pepper soup spice mix all the way from Lagos!

Ingredients: Goat meat, Onions, Scotch bonnets, Salt, Ginger powder, Pepper soup spice mix, Knorr cubes, Irish potatoes.

Process: I boiled the meat with all the spices on low heat for a little over an hour, might have even been more to be honest. I just left it to cook while I was studying. I kept adding water to allow the meat cook longer. When it was soft enough to eat, I added diced Irish potatoes and let that cook for a little while. Once the potatoes were fully cooked, I served it in a bowl.


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